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Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Details Matter in Selling

To All,

Recently, I gave an Infinit-i Selling Process presentation for a very large firm. We had 11 attendees. They ranged in experience from 2 months on the job to a seasoned 35 year veteran of sales. This is always a great, great dynamic! The top 3 producers ended up sitting in the middle of this line up. As we proceeded through the presentation it became very clear why the 3 people were in fact the top producers. They raised their hands to about 75 - 80% of our questions!
The rest of the room was at about 50% and less for the new sales hire. The seasoned professional of 35 years was barely at 50 %! They represented the pinnacle of success / performance. The top three worked their clients and followed through with timely information month after month. They clearly stood out from the rest of the team. They understood that selling is a process !
Top salespeople can NEVER afford to be lazy! Making shortcuts in the process can derail your results. Stay focused please.
We are about to re-evaluate the sales team and we will let you know how they improved!

Jay & Gary.........


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