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Friday, February 20, 2015

New Video Releases and a New Video Training Series

Vertical Alliance Group is pleased to announce new video releases this month for two different series in our online learning management system, Infinit-i TM.  Once you make the decision to improve your training program with this robust learning management system, you’ll have access to the 12 new videos in the Hazardous Materials Training Series and 5 new videos in the Real. Life. Lessons. Series.
All videos are available for immediate implementation into your training programs.

New Courses in Hazardous Material Training Series:

Hazmat training is an important part of initial and ongoing training for anyone involved with hauling hazardous materials. Our new training series is taught by Transportation Compliance Associates, a company with over 30 years of experience in hazmat training and compliance.

  • Blocking and Bracing - 4:33
  • Emergency Response Guide - Part 1 - 7:57
  • Emergency Response Guide - Part 2 - 8:21
  • Emergency Response Guide - Part 3 - 15:03
  • General Awareness - Part 1 - 9:53
  • General Awareness - Part 2 - 9:01
  • General Awareness - Part 3 - 15:13
  • Labeling - 7:31
  • Marking - 11:35
  • Placarding - 7:28
  • Shipping Papers - Part 1 - 8:33
  • Shipping Papers - Part 2 - 11:41
New Courses in Real. Life. Lessons. Series:
Earlier this year we launched the Real. Life. Lessons. Series. This month we released 5 more educational videos under the new module.  The videos are produced in conjunction with Midwestern Insurance Alliance and use sample stories to bring awareness of preventable on-the-job accidents using a conversational style.
  • "Mr. Wizard" (Cleaning out Trailer) - 2:19
  • "Mother Nature and Opportunities" (Connecting/Disconnecting Gladhands) - 2:22
  • "Bump on a Log" (Loading/Assisted to Load Flatbed Freight) 2:36
  • "Purple Finger Nails and Profanity" (Opening/Closing Side-Box on Flatbed Trailer) - 1:47
  • "Wendy is now Windy" (Opening/Closing Trailer Door) - 2:07
These videos are great for ongoing training, corrective action training, and for discussions at safety meetings. 

You can watch one of the lessons in this month's series by clicking on the video below or visiting this link:

Each month we will be releasing a series of five or more stories in this series exclusive to Infinit-i TM users. The goal of each short video is to help you reduce the number of on-the-job injuries, thus keeping your worker’s compensation insurance premiums down.

How to Access These Training Videos
Call me today at (877) 792-3866 ext 106 to learn how you can start utilizing these and over 300 more safety and training materials in Infinit-i TM.


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