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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Philip M. Wentworth, Jr. Has Joined VAG As Vice President Sales

Philip M. Wentworth, Jr. Philip M. Wentworth, Jr. Vice President Sales
Mr. Wentworth has been in marketing and business development for more than 15 years; spending the last 10 years in a management position, helping his employers create and execute customer acquisition and retention strategies.
Wentworth has been employed and received formal sales training from "big box" firms like Xerox and Prudential Securities while spending most of his executive professional career with start-ups and early capitalized firms like WebCE, Consulture, AgVantis, iTech and KeepMyID.
During his tenure as a marketing and business development executive, Wentworth has written business plans that have secured funding for Consulture, LLC; a Dallas-based software manufacturer, as well for
Wentworth has created a proprietary marketing process for B2B companies called "Marketing Geometry" whereby the marketing decision maker can easily translate mission critical business objectives to effective and easily understood marketing strategies, and thus, have a mechanism for which the marketing team can easily create, execute and measure the effectiveness of every marketing strategy/tactic against the organizations' business plan objectives and mission.
This proprietary marketing process has been implemented at various organizations where Mr. Wentworth has been employed.
Wentworth is proud of the fact he got "his start" as a cold-calling apprentice at Prudential Securities making over 100+ cold calls a day. Taking these phone skills to Xerox, Mr. Wentworth was a beta-tester for Xerox' proprietary CRM system, helping agents with telemarketing scripts and customer service training.
Mr. Wentworth resides in Dallas, Texas and enjoys riding his motorcycle, spending time with friends and family while in search of a new restaurant or culinary mystery.