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Monday, December 16, 2013

New Video Releases CSA Reminder Series

Vertical Alliance Group is pleased to announce our video releases for December 2013.
The titles are:
In CSA Minutes - 
  • Improper Flag Placement: This short CSA reminder is about the vehicle maintenance violation of improper placement of flags on a permitted load. 
  • Inoperative Headlamps: This short CSA reminder is about the Vehicle Maintenance violation of inoperative headlamps. 
  • Inoperative Tail Lights: This short CSA reminder is about the Vehicle Maintenance violation of inoperative tail lights.
  • Leaking Fluid: This short CSA reminder is about the Vehicle Maintenance violation of leaking fluids.
  • Leaking, Spilling, or Blowing Cargo: This is a short CSA reminder about the Vehicle Maintenance/Cargo Securement violation of unsecured cargo that is leaking, spilling, blowing, or falling.
Call  today 877-792-3866 Ext 108 to learn more about the Infinit-i Learning Management System and our extensive library of safety training videos.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Freight Broker Bond Deadline Is Here.

Freight Brokers the Supreme Court has upheld the new regulations, and from some sources about 10% of the current fright brokers are unqualified and will lose their licence to broker freight. I wonder what this will do to some companies freight?

 Drivers and OO's this might be a good time to look at a change and get into Brokering Freight. There are new laws associated with this and I think you have to have 3 years experience under a bonded broker before you can apply to be a Bonded Broker. For those that want to get into this but can't afford to take a week off to attend a 3-5k class.

 We have added an online training to become a Journeyman Certified Broker. This means you can work under a Bonded Broker to begin the 3 years necessary to move out on your own.

Worth looking into.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Details Matter in Selling

To All,

Recently, I gave an Infinit-i Selling Process presentation for a very large firm. We had 11 attendees. They ranged in experience from 2 months on the job to a seasoned 35 year veteran of sales. This is always a great, great dynamic! The top 3 producers ended up sitting in the middle of this line up. As we proceeded through the presentation it became very clear why the 3 people were in fact the top producers. They raised their hands to about 75 - 80% of our questions!
The rest of the room was at about 50% and less for the new sales hire. The seasoned professional of 35 years was barely at 50 %! They represented the pinnacle of success / performance. The top three worked their clients and followed through with timely information month after month. They clearly stood out from the rest of the team. They understood that selling is a process !
Top salespeople can NEVER afford to be lazy! Making shortcuts in the process can derail your results. Stay focused please.
We are about to re-evaluate the sales team and we will let you know how they improved!

Jay & Gary.........

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jay Wommack CEO Vertical Alliance Group

Jay recently spoke at the Oklahoma Trucking Association's Annual Convention on ways to streamline driver recruiting, increase retention and say a few words about the Vertical Alliance family of companies. Our newest division is The Infinit-i Selling Process. The new website is:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Philip M. Wentworth, Jr. Has Joined VAG As Vice President Sales

Philip M. Wentworth, Jr. Philip M. Wentworth, Jr. Vice President Sales
Mr. Wentworth has been in marketing and business development for more than 15 years; spending the last 10 years in a management position, helping his employers create and execute customer acquisition and retention strategies.
Wentworth has been employed and received formal sales training from "big box" firms like Xerox and Prudential Securities while spending most of his executive professional career with start-ups and early capitalized firms like WebCE, Consulture, AgVantis, iTech and KeepMyID.
During his tenure as a marketing and business development executive, Wentworth has written business plans that have secured funding for Consulture, LLC; a Dallas-based software manufacturer, as well for
Wentworth has created a proprietary marketing process for B2B companies called "Marketing Geometry" whereby the marketing decision maker can easily translate mission critical business objectives to effective and easily understood marketing strategies, and thus, have a mechanism for which the marketing team can easily create, execute and measure the effectiveness of every marketing strategy/tactic against the organizations' business plan objectives and mission.
This proprietary marketing process has been implemented at various organizations where Mr. Wentworth has been employed.
Wentworth is proud of the fact he got "his start" as a cold-calling apprentice at Prudential Securities making over 100+ cold calls a day. Taking these phone skills to Xerox, Mr. Wentworth was a beta-tester for Xerox' proprietary CRM system, helping agents with telemarketing scripts and customer service training.
Mr. Wentworth resides in Dallas, Texas and enjoys riding his motorcycle, spending time with friends and family while in search of a new restaurant or culinary mystery.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New HOS Webinar with Mr. Mike Lamm Assistant Division Administrator for FMCSA

On May 16th, 2013, Mr. Mike Lamm Assistant Division Administrator for FMCSA from Austin, Texas was our special guest for a webinar covering The New HOS Regulations going into effect July 2013.
Mike discussed the new HOS regulations, including:
  • Mandatory Breaks;
  • 34 Hour Re-start;
  • On-Duty Time;
  • Egregious Penalties;
  • Changes and special provisions for Oil Field;
  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELD);
Mr. Lamm also answered many questions by our audience concerning the new regulations. Request this FREE Informative Webinar Today.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Jay Wommack Radio Interview

Jay Wommack Audio Interview On His Infinit-i Selling Process. Jay Wommack's Audio Interview with Jeff Aiken, last October 2012 on Freedom 107 Texarkana Radio. This short 6 minute clip is about some of the basics you will learn if you follow his process, " The Infinit-i Selling Process" listen to the interview.
Please visit for more information on the book or about his firm.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jay Wommack - President and CEO - January Webinar

Our January "Best Practices" Webinar will feature a special guest and topic.

Jay Wommack - President and CEO - 
Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. - 
Presenting "Sales/Recruiting is a Process"

Jay Wommack CEO Vertical Alliance Group Author

“I love the trucking industry! Everything our company focuses on is designed to bring efficiency and profitability to our prospect's and client’s top and bottom lines. This presentation, "The Infinit-i Sales Process", is dear to my heart. I know it will add sales to your top line and reduce the cost of recruiting drivers. The process for acquiring sales or new employees is exactly the same…it’s simple…but not easy.  Our whole mission is to simplify technology and show our clients processes that help them create more profitability. Trucking is vital to our Nation's continued prosperity and with all of the new regulations, creating new efficiencies is a must."

In this webinar, you will hear first-hand from Jay the details of this process. It is loaded with common sense and created by a sales veteran with over 40 years of sales experience.

The process is simple: 

1. You have to have a list
2. You have to have a presentation
3. You have to deliver the presentation
4. The most important step: follow up...follow up  ...follow up
5. Go for the close

In addition to the 5 steps, Jay will discuss: 

1. Contact management systems
2. Lead generation
3. Creating traffic flow with webinars…our formula
4. The drip system with snail mail
5. The drip system with e-mail
6. 90 day scheduled call backs and the psychology of the call
7. The value of continued training and tracking
8. Mind games
9. Recommended reading list and why each book is important

All registered attendees will receive a free autographed copy of Jay's book,The Infinit-i Selling Process.

When: Thursday, January 24th at 3 PM CST

Reserve Your Webinar Seat Now!